Covid-19 – Cancelling or rescheduling

Chamonix Mountains and Mont Blanc

Update Fri 30 Oct 2020

Chamonix HomesExtraordinary Cancellation Terms and Conditions due to the Covid-19 health crisis

Balance Payment
Payment of the second and final instalment will be taken 4 weeks before your arrival instead of 8. After then cancellations by the Client will be subject to normal Chamonix Homes terms and conditions.

Refunds and Credits due to cancellation by the Client resulting from measures taken to restrict the spread of Covid-19
In the event of a lockdown, or a travel restriction within France that prevents the Client from reaching the Accommodation, Chamonix Homes will offer to first reschedule the Clients’ stay using a credit system for the amount paid. The credit will be valid for up to 18 months and may be used in any of our properties. The credit can be used as part payment for a higher value reservation or several lower value reservations. In the event that the credit is used against a lower value reservation no refund of the balance will be due.

In the event that rescheduling the Client’s reservation is not possible, Chamonix Homes will offer a full refund, less any credit card transfer costs and third-party charges such as by Airbnb,, VRBO etc.

Refunds and credits are only available when there is a restriction of movement within France due to measures brought into force by the French government to reduce the spread of Covid-19. They are not applicable when travel advice or restrictions put in place by any other government other than the French Government causes the Client to be unable to reach the accommodation. Equally, they are not applicable if the Client chooses not to come to the accommodation when the accommodation is available and there are no restrictions in place by the French government.

Other situations not covered by this Extraordinary Refunds and Credits clause are curfews within Chamonix and a reduction or closure of the Mont Blanc Natural Resort ski lift system.

These extraordinary terms and conditions will remain in place until further notice and apply to new bookings made beyond 31 October 2020 and existing bookings for the winter 2021 ski season of 01 Dec 2020 to 01 May 2021

Update Wed 13 May 2020 11:00

Cancellations resulting from Covid-19
If you have a reservation with Chamonix Homes in Chamonix this year, that was made before the 15 March when travel restrictions were put in place to prevent the spread of the virus, this page explains how we are handling your reservation.

First, all guests should have suitable travel insurance when they rent a vacation rental property. It is these insurance policies that now should be claimed against for any money lost through a change in your plans caused by the Covid-19 crisis. If you are going to claim against your travel insurance, please contact us and we will provide you with any paperwork you need from us to make your claim.

As travellers and customers of the vacation rental market ourselves, we understand how difficult this situation is, so, where and when possible, we are offering our guests options outside of our normal T&Cs to try and be as flexible as possible.

Guests who are forced to cancel may be eligible for the following options:

  1. Guests cancelling a reservation that is scheduled to take place during the period when travel is not permitted within France, or during the period when the French international borders are closed to non-residents due to the measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 may be able to receive credits equal to the total amount they have paid.
    This will allow them to reschedule their reservation to a later date. If the reservation is eligible for credits, they can be used towards a reservation in any of our properties for any available period. They are non-refundable and valid for 12 months.
    This may be the best option if you know you will be returning to Chamonix once the Covid-19 crisis finishes and the resort re-opens.
  2. Guests cancelling a reservation that is scheduled to take place once the French International borders open and travel is permitted within France, but are still unable to travel due to flight cancellations and/or border restrictions in their own country resulting from measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, may be able to hold their 30% non-refundable deposit as a credit with Chamonix Homes for up to 12 months. The credits can be used towards a reservation in any of our properties for any available period. At the time of writing, travel restrictions and border closures are expected to end on the 24th July 2020, so this option is available to guests with reservations scheduled to take place after that date.
  3. Guests can always cancel and be refunded according to our standard cancellation terms and conditions. These are as follows : “If a cancellation is made within 8 weeks of arrival the following cancellation fees are applicable from the total cost of the holiday 8-4 weeks 50%, 4-2 weeks 75%, 2-0 weeks 100%.”

We hope this goes some way to helping our guests manage their reservations through the Covid-19 crisis.

Update Mon 06 April 2020 10:00

Chamonix valley, like the rest of France and neighbouring countries, remains in lockdown. Tourism in any form has been stopped for the time being. As a result Chamonix Homes guests’ reservations are being rearranged for different dates or cancelled under our the Terms and Conditions shown on this website.

If you have a reservation with Chamonix Homes please contact us to discuss the best way to manage it.

We all look forward to a time in the future when this awful situation has passed as Chamonix valley reopens for us all to enjoy again.

Update Sun 15 March 2020 10:00

Following the new measures put in place by the French government that came into place at midnight on the 14 March, Chamonix lift system, and all bars, restaurants and shops that are not essential to life are now closed. The closure is currently ‘indefinite’.

Update Fri 13 March 2020 18:35

We have received an update from Compagnie du Mont Blanc who run the Chamonix lift system, confirming they are keeping the lifts open until told to close.

Updated Fri 13 March 2020 – 14:00

Still no case of Covid-19 in Chamonix valley. The ski lifts remain open as do the pistes, bars, restaurants and shops.

The border with Switzerland and, importantly for travellers coming from other countries, Geneva Airport remains open and operating normally.

The local schools have shut their doors, and the lift company are carrying out extra cleaning activities in the enclosed lifts needed to get up to the skiing from the valley floor. Once up in the ski areas you will be mainly on open air chair lifts and ‘drag lifts’, or enjoying the sunshine and open air.

So, for the moment, you can still visit Chamonix and enjoy the fantastic skiing.

We will keep you informed of any changes in the situation.

Updated 05 March 2020 – 14:00

Until now there have been no cases of Corona Virus in Chamonix. The French government have not enforced any emergency measures of containment. The lifts & pistes are open, as are the bars, restaurants and all of our properties.

However, governments around the world are enforcing different measures in their attempts to contain the virus and avoid an outbreak in their respective countries. It is therefore very important to understand what travel restrictions are in place, and could be put in place, by your home country before you travel to Chamonix.

Mont Blanc Retreats and the owners and operators it represents are not responsible for the impact of any measures placed on travel plans in attempts to contain the Corona Virus.

Cancellation by a guest, caused by their own decision not to visit Chamonix, or a restriction placed by either their home government of the governments of France or Switzerland, are subject to normal “cancellation by guest” terms and conditions.

We continue to advise guests booking through us to take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy to protect themselves against unforeseen issues that can affect their holiday.

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Fingers crossed we can all move beyond this terrible health crisis as quickly as possible.