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Centre of Chamonix town

What language is spoken in Chamonix?

It’s French, the language of Molière. But being such an international resort, you’ll hear lots of different languages being spoken in the streets of Chamonix. English (the language of Shakespeare, as the French say) is widely spoken and understood, but of course, a simple ‘Bonjour’ will always put you in good stead!

Which is better, Zermatt or Chamonix?

Both are amazing mountain resorts. We can honestly say you should visit both at least once in your life! But we love Chamonix the most and only a visit here will answer that question for you…

Can you see Mont Blanc from Chamonix?

Yes! The snow-capped dome of Mont Blanc can be seen from all over the Chamonix Valley and beyond. Many of our chalets and apartments offer a Mont Blanc view, so you can enjoy an well-deserved aperitif on your south-facing balcony or terrace gazing towards Mont Blanc.

How far is Mont Blanc from Chamonix?

Although you can see the summit from Chamonix town centre, it’s actually a lot further away than it looks! Even from the top of the Aiguille du Midi cable car (the easiest way to get a closer look), you’re still 1000m lower than the top of Mont Blanc.

How do you pronounce Chamonix?

If you want to sound like a seasoned skier or a Chamonix local, make sure you pronounce it ‘Cham-on-knee’ and not ‘Cham-on-icks’!

How high is Mont Blanc?

It’s 4810m, but did you know the height of Mont Blanc actually varies? The summit is regularly monitored and measurements vary between 4807 and 4810m. 

Why do people visit Chamonix?

Because it’s like nowhere else.

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